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Austin Smith


  • National Personal Training Institute (NPTI)- Training Diploma
  • Certified Personal Trainer- NASM
  • FMS level 1 Certified
  • High School Strength & Conditioning Certification- IYCA
  • Youth Athletic Assessment Certification- IYCA

“I love the grind and hard work it takes to become the best. There is nothing more satisfying than looking in the mirror at the end of the day knowing I gave it my all.”

Originally from Orlando, FL, Austin has always had a love of sports and excelled at baseball and football. As his playing days were wrapping up, he knew he had to stay connected professionally. This brought him to Charlotte, NC where he attended NPTI and earned a personal training diploma. Right after finishing the program, he worked in corrective exercise.

After three years and emerging as one of the best young trainers in the area, he realized his true passion lay in helping serious athletes maximize their potential. The elite training community is small, so when he learned Jeremy was opening ULTIMATE ATHLETE he had to check it out. Austin was impressed: “When you walk through the doors of UA, there is so much passion, drive and healthy competitiveness in the air. The atmosphere is incredibly motivating.” Austin’s top three things are his faith, his family and his work with UA—training athletes to become the ‘Ultimate Athlete’. The mentality he strives to instill into every athlete he works with is, “You are never too good to not get better today.”