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Shelby Thompson


A native of Charlotte, NC, and Hopewell High School alumni, Shelby has always had a strong passion for athletics. She excelled in softball, olympic weightlifting, and soccer throughout her athletic career. During her time as a collegiate athlete, she held the position of goalkeeper at Catawba College (All-Conference and All-American Strength and Conditioning).

After obtaining her Exercise Science degree, Shelby returned to Charlotte and made the transition from athlete to coach. She has been a part of the UA family for over 4 years, and spent many of her days preforming movements on the same turf, and holding the same barbell as many of our athletes do today.

Shelby has a pure passion for sports performance; hoping to not only help athletes reach their full physical potential in their desired sport, but to help shape their mentality throughout the journey. She is driven by the statement, “If you can control your mind, you can control it all,” with the hopes to help athletes understand the power of their mentality, and the small details within training that translate into the way you play.