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Ultimate Athlete Sports Performance Training Programs

Increase speed, strength, and power

The training programs here at ULTIMATE ATHLETE in Charlotte, NC are specifically designed for the serious athlete who understands the importance of a balanced, disciplined and scientifically-based set of protocols.

Selecting exercises and drills from a variety of the best training disciplines used in sports performance training today and sequencing them for maximized results, we’ve structured a speed and strength technology system that transforms athletes from any sport into ultimate athletes. The semi-private or small group environment in the training facility is high energy, motivational and competitive, yet still allows for an individual approach to fit the athletes’ needs.

  • Ultimate Speed & Strength

    This is our cornerstone performance program for athletes ages 12&up that participate in the following sport(s): football, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, softball, track & field, wrestling, hockey and more. This program is equal parts speed & agility and strength & power designed for athletes looking to find their next level and maximize overall human performance.

    Increasing strength is critical to developing the complete athlete. Most programs do not value the strength component enough or simply do not focus on the right foundational exercises. Here at ULTIMATE ATHLETE, we value our speed and strength programs equally. We require all of our athletes to train in each discipline to reach their maximum potential. The protocols take on a holistic approach in a safe and age-appropriate curriculum.

  • Ultimate 360

    The ULTIMATE ATHLETE 360 program takes a well-rounded, holistic approach to training using all three energy systems. The program combines sprint training, interval training and overall aerobic capacity as the three catalysts to spearhead a one of a kind fitness program. Our 360 program is designed for active adults who are looking to still train like an athlete in a safe and effective environment. Hence the term 360, the program is extremely well-rounded incorporating strength training, metabolic training and overall fitness to obtain that lean, athletic look you are looking for.

  • Ultimate Athletic Conditioning

    Tired in the fourth quarter? Need some help with maintaining high intensity levels throughout the game? Our Athletic Conditioning program is designed to increase endurance and stamina. This training system uses speed, strength, agility, balance and coordination to develop the athletes’ energy systems. No matter what the sport, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that you maintain your peak fitness profile in order to maximize your performance. Like our other classes, these sessions are structured in a high energy and competitive environment.

  • Ultimate Speed & Power

    All athletes want to be explosive and powerful. Whether it is increasing your vertical jump, increasing your power output during the start phase of the 40 yard dash or your force production at the plate—our program will get you there. We focus on plyometrics, Olympic lifting movements and other proven explosive exercises to develop a more powerful athlete. Power = Force x Velocity and here at ULTIMATE ATHLETE, we have the right protocols to deliver this equation.

  • Ultimate Elite

    Are you an athlete who still wants to train at a high level but not currently playing sports? Are you an athlete who has recently finished your playing career but looking to continue to compete and train to be a better athlete? Our ULTIMATE Elite Program is built for you! Classes focus on strength & power, metabolic conditioning and sprint interval work to keep you athletic, strong and fit.

  • Ultimate Team Training

    Train your team here! Are you a coach looking to get your team faster and stronger this off-season? Look no further then ULTIMATE ATHLETE’s team training program. The UA staff will customize a performance training plan for your team based around their goals and what they look to accomplish before next season. The program is designed to train athletes’ in a group setting to increase speed, agility, strength, power and energy systems development. Call now to schedule a demo!

  • Ultimate Swim

    Do you want the complete dryland program to swim fast? Here at ULTIMATE ATHLETE we have just the thing--a dynamic program proven with high level swimmers and one that the area's elite depend on. We focus on injury prevention drills, strength and power drills, and aerobic and anaerobic conditioning which increases the overall well-being of our swimmers. The balance and combination of our training program has led to our swimmers being extremely well-conditioned for any event. Need to taper? No problem. We know how to taper our swimmers appropriately to make sure they are competing at 100% and not over or under trained leading up to a big meet.

  • Ultimate Volleyball

    Are you a volleyball player wanting to increase your vertical jump? Do you want to become more powerful on the court? Do you want to increase your overall fitness level and footwork? Our volleyball program will accomplish all 3!

    Increasing your vertical is about force into the ground (ground reaction force) and power output. Power is the combination of force and velocity. Our program will use a comprehensive and detailed strength program in addition to a variety of plyometrics and power drills using triple joint extension that mimic the athletes’ vertical jump. The program will focus on lower body strength, explosive power training, core strength, agility/reaction protocols and metabolic conditioning. When you put these elements together, you get a program that is specific to the volleyball players’ needs and one of a kind in the Charlotte area.

  • Ultimate Rotational

    Are you an athlete who relies on Rotational power to be successful in your sport? Our ULTIMATE Rotational Program is built for golfers, tennis players and other throwing athletes who want to be explosive, mobile in the transverse plane and functionally strong to help them hit longer, throw faster and be a better overall athlete.

    We have developed a unique program that allows our baseball players to get stronger and more powerful without compromising their range of motion, especially in the shoulder where the players need it the most. Our program utilizes our proven speed and agility platform to make sure our athletes are more athletic than their competition and ready for their next showcase. Get ready for your upcoming season with some of the top players in the region here at ULTIMATE ATHLETE!

  • Ultimate QB Academy

    Are you a quarterback looking for instruction on throwing mechanics, footwork, and the overall fundamentals to play the position? Look no further! Our QB Academy is perfect for you.

    The camp will focus on everything it takes to be successful on the field at the quarterback position. The instruction will also integrate injury prevention drills for the shoulder, specifically the rotator cuff. We also teach our QB’s how to generate more rotational power and have it translate to throwing a football.

    Contact us at [email protected] to become the best QB in the Charlotte area!

  • Ultimate Athlete Online

    ULTIMATE ATHLETE has partnered with Train Heroic to bring you our exclusive online training program. Now athletes across the country can access the same training protocols we are using every day to make athletes run faster, jump higher, and become overall better athletes.

    Are you a college or professional athlete that still wants to train the UA way? Not a problem! Our online program will provide the training plan needed to keep you at your max potential year-round and will also track your lifts, sprint times, and other acute variables.

    Programs currently available online include UA Speed, Strength, and Power (our cornerstone program), as well as UA Strength & Conditioning, UA 360, and UA Elite.

    Contact us at [email protected] to sign up today!